Barn Light Originals Collection in Copper or Brass

by on May 6th, 2014

copper gooseneck barn lighting - authentic copper gooseneck light

Although barn light originals shades look absolutely amazing in any one of our standard and premium finishes, we thought we might spice things up a bit, and also offer many of them in copper and brass. When we talk about copper barn lights, we mean real, actual copper—like the kind the Statue of Liberty is made out… more.

Which Warehouse Shades Are the Most Popular at BarnLight Originals?

by on April 23rd, 2014

Barn Lights by BLO

Some of you may be wondering which of shades are most popular from Barnlight Originals. Although many of our barn lights’ shades are highly sought-after, our authentic warehouse shades are sold the most out of the many styles of lights from Barnlight Originals. A Popular Warehouse Shade Where Do These Barnlight Originals Come From? Ironically enough, the… more.

Authentic Warehouse Shade Sitings

by on March 26th, 2014

The original warehouse shade

BarnLight Originals Authentic Warehouse Shades Nothing makes us smile for joy more than when we spot our shades while we’re out and about. I recently took a weekend trip to Southern California, and I came back thrilled to see the amount of  warehouse barn lights everywhere! They have them in shopping centers, parks, parking lots–heck,… more.

Garage Door Outdoor Lighting

by on March 13th, 2014


Which Outdoor Barn Lights are Right for You? Garage door lighting comes in all shades and sizes. But when it comes to choosing the perfect lights to complement your home, we’re a bit biased, as you might already guess. We offer a variety of different outdoor barn lights, and our #1 goal is to help… more.

Variety Is the Spice of Life: BarnLight Originals

by on February 25th, 2014


Barnlight Originals’ shades are not limited to simply one size or mounting. In fact, they are available as a 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch shade barn lights. (FYI: When we talk about the size of a shade, we are referring to the shade’s diameter, so this shade is pretty huge—perfect for outdoor lighting fixtures!)… more.